SLEEPING BAG MUMMY Type 8' Foot BLUE ORANGE 20+ Degrees F with Carrying Bag

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SLEEPING BAG MUMMY Type 8' Foot 20+ Degrees Fahrenheit BLUE ORANGE/YELLOW with Carrying Bag NEW

Great for Scouting, Camping, Sleep-Overs, Tailgating, Hiking and Staying Warm.

Light-Weight @ only 4 pounds so you can carry this around all day, but heavy weight enough to keep you warm.

The size when packed the carry case is approx 15" x 9" inches.

Excellent for outdoor camping or indoor sleep overs!

Weather Proof, Polyester material drys super fast when wet.


- Machine Washable.

- Temperature Rating - protects down to 20 degrees Fahrenheit and above.

- Dimensions: Full Adult Size - 7ft x 2'4"

- Outer Shell: Polyester (Navy Blue)

- Lining: Cotton

- Filler: Polyester - Double Layer batting

- Zipper side with Velcro straps