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EDMs Global Offices

EDM's Global Offices

EDM was started in Fort Wayne, Indiana in 2003. Our mission has always been to purchase a wide variety of consumer goods directly from manufacturers and deliver them to our buyers at the absolute best prices anywhere. In order to achieve that we cut out all non-essential steps in our procurement process, we buy in large quantities, we own and warehouse all of our items and keep our margins to a minimum.

Over the years the company has outgrown a number of warehouses and added quality team members, but the goal remained the same. Currently, EDM is still headquartered in Fort Wayne, Indiana and we have global offices in Asia and Europe.



We also offer the following services:


If you are looking for an extra income and/or would like to run your own business without the upfront expenses of inventory, warehouse, employees, packing materials, etc; DROP-SHIPPING IS YOUR ANSWER.
This business model is quite ingenious and simple. In short: You post our items online (eBay for example), without buying them yet. When someone buys them from you, you turn around and buy it from our website and have us ship it to your buyer.
You get paid before you ever have to purchase anything. You never touch the item, you don't pack it, you don't run to the post office. All you do is coordinate order from the comfort of your own home at your convenience. We don't even charge fees for this service! Not only that but since you would potentially be reselling a volume of products from us, we will set you up with a Wholesale Discount to make you most competitive.
To get all details on the Drop-Shipping process, CLICK HERE



If you do not see a product you are looking for on the website, please contact us. We can save you or your business thousands of dollars by finding products direct. So why continue buying from Middlemen or Big Name Brand Stores and paying for markups you can avoid?

Sometimes a possibility of doing business directly overseas can be scary and potentially risky. We deal with a large number of manufacturers and suppliers that can make the process fast and efficient. So send us an email with your product inquiries, question or suggestions to sales@edmwi.com



So you are ready to buy direct, but you're not quite there to order an entire container? We can consolidate your items with one of our in-bound containers. We charge a fraction of the cost that a freight company would charge you for such service since we bring in a large number of containers from numerous origin ports each year anyway.
Additionally, our experience with Customs and Duties will eliminate the stress of proper tariff classification and large initial paperwork.



But where am I going to store the products? We can also help you in this area as well, regardless if you are a local buyer or elsewhere in the country.
We have thousands of square feet of warehousing space where we can safely store your goods and ship them out to you all at once, by pallet, case or even fulfill your individual orders directly to your buyers!


We know what you're thinking... "Who do they think they are? A ONE STOP SHOP FOR EVERY BUSINESS NEED??"
Well, maybe not quite, but we sure try.
So don't hesitate and give us a try, and we will do our best to make sure you'll be glad you did.


If you have ANY questions or inquiries, please contact us:
Monday-Friday, 8am - 3pm EST
Sales & Product Sourcing: sales@edmwi.com
Customer Service: service@edmwi.com
T: 260.422.9221, F: 260.493.8862
2205 Bremer Rd.
Fort Wayne, IN 46803