Have you ever considered starting your own business? Many people have. But as you probably know it is not easy. To sell things you need to find suppliers, invest money to buy inventory, you need a place to keep it, you need to purchase shipping supplies, etc, etc. There is a lot more to it, but you get the point.

But there is another way to go about it, it is called DROP SHIPPING. If you are not familiar with it, it is one of the best-kept secrets in the industry and most online sales are done that way. Basically, a seller (You) posts items online, without actually having them in their possession. When an item sells, the seller (You) goes to a supplier's website (Us), buys the item (at a lower price than what he/she sold it for and have us ship it to your buyer.

As an example look at a few big store websites (WalMart®, Target®, etc). You will see many products marked "Online Deal Only". What that means 99% of the time is that these big stores do not have physical possession of these items. All they do is offer this item from a wholesaler, such as ourselves. When you buy it from them, they send us the order and we ship it to you. Amazing, right?

By utilizing Drop-Shipping you would never have to worry about huge financial and legal risks associated with buying and stocking inventory and all other necessities of a physical store. All you do is coordinate the buy/sell process. It is clean, simple and you can do it on your own time, whenever, from wherever (even while sipping your favorite Starbucks® beverage. You just need a good supplier and an internet connection. It doesn't get any better than that!

This is a huge difference between us and just about all other suppliers. If you've done some research on this already, you probably found out that most other suppliers will charge you a per order or a monthly fee. 
- Wholesale Discounts 
Once you have been approved for a wholesale account.  Your account will be set up with a discount off of our retail prices. Click HERE to find out more about our wholesale discounts.
We process our orders in the morning of each business day, so if you placed early enough, it will go out the same business day.
We try to offer a wide array of products, so everyone can find something they feel like is their product genre. 
We have been in business since 2003. Over the past decade, we processed well over a MILLION orders and serviced many repeat customers. We have supplied large businesses (many of which are household names), but we also love working with smaller volume buyers (probably such as yourself).
We have 2 international offices: in Asia and Europe, so we work directly with manufacturers. We buy in large volumes and do not use any middle man, so we have great control over prices, manufacturing details, etc.
We are well organized and efficient. We don't waste expenses on fancy storefronts or charge unnecessary markups. We bring items directly to our warehouse and ship them from the same location. 
If you have a great product idea but don't have a way to get it produced for you, or if you want to sell something that we do not carry at this time; contact us. We can source it through our vast network of manufacturers and even warehouse it for you.
We are "big enough" to carry a huge inventory, but we are "small enough" that you can deal directly with us as if you were our next door neighbor. 
So give us a try and we promise to work hard for you and always fulfill our end of the deal to keep your buyers happy and hopefully make this venture very profitable for YOU.
Here is an example of how you would utilize Drop-Shipping to re-sell on eBay:
- Sign up for a FREE Re-Seller/Wholesale Account with us. Here is a link:  Sign up for an Account
- Sign up for an eBay account if you don't already have one.
- You need to have a way to receive payments from your buyers. We recommend Paypal, as it is one of the easiest and safest services on the web.
- Once you decide on one of our items you want to re-sell, calculate how much to sell it for and create an eBay listing for it.
- You are welcome to use our pictures. However, please make sure you use YOUR OWN TITLES for the items. Change the words, add some of your own keywords, etc, but please do not just copy/paste our titles. Each of our re-sellers needs to use a unique title. - When your item sells on eBay, return to our website and order it. Then in the checkout, fill in your eBay buyer's name and address, for us to ship the order directly to them. That's it! You just processed your first Drop-Shipping order. It is that simple. 
If your item doesn't sell, then you just re-list it. You probably don't even pay any eBay listing fees. It cost you nothing, but a few minutes of your time. 
1. Find The Right Items To Sell.
As much as we want to deal with items we are familiar with, don't be afraid to step outside of the comfort zone. Try to sell items based on their popularity with the buyers, rather than your own interests. You can have the coolest item at the best price, but if no one is searching for it, you will not sell many.
- Research hot selling items or trends.
- Look at how many bids items get or how many time are they listed. Those are all positive indicators.
2. Make Sure You Calculate ALL Your Costs and Fees.
- Item Cost
When calculating item cost, always consider the TOTAL, DELIVERED COST (Item + Shipping). We use a flat rate shipping calculator, so your cost will always be the same, regardless of where your buyer lives (in the lower 48 US states). To find a Total, Delivered Cost of an item, just pretend you're going to buy it: 
* Add it to the Shopping Cart, 
* Go to "View Shopping Cart" at the top of the screen, 
* Fill in any zip code, 
* Choose a shipping option you want to use,
* The Total is basically your item cost, delivered to your buyer's door.
*  If you're not registered as a Drop-Shipper yet, remember that you will also have a discount off the regular website price. Follow the link to Learn about Wholesale Discounts
*  We charge 7% tax for items shipped to Indiana, so if your buyer lives in the state, his order will get tax added to it. 
- Selling Fees
Most marketplaces, such as eBay charge fees for listing and selling items. Please research the marketplace you want to sell on and add those fees to the Item Cost. 
3. Price The Items Appropriately.
Now that you know your costs, you need to decide how much to sell it for. This part is totally up to you. We don't set any minimum or maximum price levels. But to help you find the right selling price:
- Look at how others are pricing similar items.
- Don't focus on larger profits on fewer sales. Instead consider processing a larger volume of orders, with less markup, that would all add to a good sum at the end of the day. Once you get things moving it is a snap to re-list an item and to process an order with us. 
- Remember that in Drop-Shipping you don't have any money tied up in carrying inventory, buying shipping supplies, etc. By processing more transactions, you build up a reputation and create a wider assortment of items to attract buyers to continue shopping with you.
4. Be Creative.
Find ways to make your products stand out. Low price is always a good start, but there are many other reasons people may choose to buy from you.
- Modify the pictures. With even very basic touch ups you can transform the item's picture to make it unique. There are free and simple image editing software tools available. Use them. 
- Use good keywords for the title. Remember that most searches are based on what is the content of your item's title. 
- Make an appealing and easy to read the item description.
- Put buyers at ease by making yourself available if they have questions.
- Try bundling items together. You may want to distinguish yourself from other sellers by selling items in multiple quantities or combining a few different items together into a set. For example, a Guitar and a Guitar Stand may go well together, or a Router and a Router Bit Set, or a Buddha Statue and an Incense Holder, etc.
Just HAVE FUN with it. Possibilities are endless. Try to be creative and unique and you will have buyers look at your ads. 
We wish you lots of success.  And remember that we are here to help if you need anything.
Few Hints for our Checkout:  * If you are shopping for yourself, your family or friends and you want items sent to you, simply click the COPY BILLING INFO button. It will auto fill in the shipping info. * The last checkbox on the page is how you SAVE CHANGES to your account information! * Always confirm your Billing and Shipping information, click MAKE CHANGES button if something is wrong. * If you submit payment using Paypal, remember to click the COMPLETE YOUR PURCHASE NOW button to finalize your order.