ROUTER BITS SET - 50 piece 1/2" shank CARBIDE Aluminum Case NEW

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BRAND NEW - 50 piece Carbide Tipped 1/2" Shank Router Bit set with case!

Carbide-Tipped Router Bits. Router bits with tungsten carbide cutting edges are especially suitable for use with tough abrasive material and ALL types of wood. They are used for different groove and profile cuts in solid wood, glued boards and hard plastics.
Comes in a wood case.

7 Pcs straight
2 Pcs "V" gooving
2 Pcs dovetail
3 Pcs cove box
1 Pc panel pilot
5 Pcs flush trim
4 Pcs slot cutter
4 Pcs 45 degree chamfer
3 Pcs corner round
3 Pcs beading
3 Pcs cove
3 Pcs roman ogee
2 Pcs panalling
1 Pc ogee flute
1 Pc classical cove
1 Pc wave edge
2 Pcs classical
3 Pcs double roman

Very Heavy Duty set in large protective case.

Our sets are the high quality INDUSTRIAL K-10 CARBIDE! You will find that EDM has the BEST PRICE on these Router Bit sets!