NEW Inversion Gravity THERAPY TABLE Back Swing Fitness

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The affordable, compact, folding Gravity Table - Inversion Therapy Table (aka backswing) from EDMWI is a beneficial addition to your fitness program. Many doctors recommend inversion therapy as a way to reduce pressure on spinal discs, ligaments, and nerve roots while increasing blood circulation, strengthening the back and elongating the spine.

Inversion therapy can also help counteract the effects of everyday stresses that contribute to a stiff, sore back and neck. Studies show that muscle tension declines 35% within ten seconds of inversion and that inverting as little as 25 degrees for even a few minutes a day can help relax tense muscles.

* Adjusts to fit heights of 4' 10" to 6' 6" with a height adjustment beam that is clearly marked.
* Assembled size (maximum when extended to accommodate a 6'5" tall person): 69" high x 27.75" wide x 69" long.
* Folded size: 80" long x 27.75" wide.
* Weight Capacity: 300 lbs !!
* Easy to assemble, just a couple of nuts and bolts. All tools are included for assembly!

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