Motion Lamp Blue 16.5" Twin Column Double Glow Motion Party Mood Night Light

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BRAND NEW - 16.5" Twin Double Column LAVA LAMP with BLUE GLOW MOTION! Two Individual Columns each with BLUE colored lava! Two lamps heat each column to create the FLOW! Ultra Modern Design goes great in any room! RETRO STYLE that never grows old. The hypnotic effect is very relaxing. You can find yourself staring at one of these great lamps for hours! The lamps we tested started to flow after about 10 -15 minutes. Full Motion began after about a half hour. Very Cool! Nice subtle light that's great for nightlight glow! NOTE: The liquid in the lamp is CLEAR, The glowing effect comes from the color of the lava reacting with the light! A true classic! BRAND NEW!! WOW!