GUITAR TUNER - Electronic Chromatic LIT digital Bass Electric

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BRAND NEW - Digital Electronic Guitar TUNER !

Features Mic mode and Clip mode. So you can either pick up the sound in the room or attach it to the headstock of the guitar for more precise tuning.

Full Digital Display shows red when out of key, Turns GREEN when it goes into key. There is a Digital Meter bar that rides up and down to the pitch as you tune up and down. Very easy to read and use!

Chromatic setting ( C ) allows tuning to any pitch.
Guitar setting ( G ) tunes to notes that are used on open guitar strings.
Bass setting ( B ) tunes to the 4 common Bass notes.
Violin setting ( V ) tunes to violin pitches.

Very cool!
We have even included extra batteries!
Auto Tuner! You can even select alternate pitches adjustable from standard 440 and ranges from 430 to 450 for matching orchestrated pitch or other variables.

These sell for big bucks in retail stores. Dont pass up this deal. It is just like the high dollar tuners, I think even better!
It is steady and does not bounce all over the place when tuning up. You can set it CLIP setting and any noise in the room rarely effects the pitch readings!
Stays discrete on the headstock. Swivels around to the best viewing position!