Garden Saw Set 21" Bow Saw 10.5" Pull Action Pruning 6.5" Folding Pruning Saws

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Includes: - Pull Action Pruning Saw -Triple Ground Pull Action - Soft Grip Taper Handle - Bolster and Belt Clip -10.5" Blade - Folding Pruning Saw - Triple Ground Teeth - Soft Grip Handle & Sprung Locking Lever - Handle Guard for Extra Protection - 6.5" Blade - All Purpose Bow Saw - Extra Strong Cold Drawn Steel Tube - Hard Point Swedish Steel Blade - Fitted Knuckle Guard - 22" Blade Nice kit for taking care of broken, fallen or low hanging tree limbs. 3 Pc GARDEN SAW SET Professional Pull Action & Folding Pruning Saws Bow Saw