Electric Paint Spray Gun 100W, 1000ml for Auto Home Appliance Woodworking - DIY

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Electric Paint Spray Gun 100W, 1000ml for Auto Home Appliance Woodworking - Do It Yourself

Product Details:

  • High production efficiency, which can greatly improve the coating efficiency and save paint.
  • Easy to operate, using special plastic composite materials, the gun body is ultra-light, and the operation between long-term movements is not fatigued.
  • Easy to maintain, specially designed parts, easy to assemble and disassemble, simplifying ordinary cleaning and maintenance.
  • It adopts special plastic composite material, special leak-proof material and long service life.
  • Suitable for most coatings, metal or waterborne coatings and conductive coatings can be applied.

Product Descripton:

Applicable to auto parts, switchboards, control panels, heavy machinery, home appliance parts, steel furniture, woodworking products, gold plating protection, knitted fabrics (gray cloth), garment dyeing industry, suits, molds, hardware, automobiles , advertising, IC version and other industry decontamination tools, etc. 

The high-voltage generator has an automatic protection function, which can cut off high voltage at high speed under overcurrent conditions, thus effectively protecting equipment and safe operation.

Product Specs:

Condition: 100% Brand New
Item Type: Electric Spray Gun
Voltage: 230V
Working pressure: >=0.8Mpa
Frequency: 50Hz
Injection Flow Rate: 200ml/min
Working Current: 0.4~0.6A
Capacity: 1000mL
Power: 100W

Product List:

1 x Funnel
1 x Paint Can
1 x Spring Plug