ELECTRIC GUITAR - NATURAL Maple WOOD Star Inlays Vintage Gold Parts

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<html>Unique electric guitar with Stars inlayed in the fretboard.

<u>Features</u>:<div>- Vintaged Antiqued GOLD Hardware.
- Two Humbuckers
- 3 way selector switch.
- Adjustable Truss rod.
- SET neck! for tons of natural tone.
- WARM and Bluesy sounds, Get that BB tone and more!
- 22 frets.</div><div></div><div>Dimensions:</div><div>- Overall Length - 39"</div><div>- Lower Bout Width - 14"</div><div>- Upper Bout Width - 11"</div><div>- Body Thickness - 2"

ROCK AND ROLL!!</div></html>