Digital ROUND GLASS Personal SCALE - Body Bath Health

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BRAND NEW - Digital GLASS Personal SCALE.

This scale has a great Modern Design and functions are basic.

Graduates 2 Ounces at a time.

Ideal for home and bath use.

Even works great for your shipping needs!

Reads up to 330 pounds max.

It couldnt be any more simple to use. Simply walk up and touch the scale with your foot or shake it a little bit if its on a table. The display will start up, in about two seconds, its ready for use. It quickly settles on a very accurate display and will flash. The weight will stay visible for up to 10 seconds and the scale will shut down until touched again.
It could not be easier!

Fantastic modern design will accent your bath or kitchen with ease.

Thick TEMPERED Glass base is perfectly smooth and comfortable. Effortless Cleaning!

Great SCALE!