BONSAI 8pc CHROME Tool Set/Kit- Concave Cutter, Wire, Root Rakes and Trimmers

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Beautiful 8 piece Chrome Plated set of Bonsai Tools.

Set Includes:
- 8.5" Tweezers with Angled Points and Flat End
- 4.5" Pruning Shears/Leaf Trimmers
- 7" Knob Cutter/Root Trimmer
- 7" Concave Cutter/Pruner
- 7" Wire Cutter
- 8" Large Shear Traditional Butterfly Scissors Cutters
- 9.5" Root Rake
- Carrying Case, Black/Orange Nylon

This is a great set of essential tools to get anyone started in the art of caring for Bonsai. Added durability of Chrome Coating will help extend the life of your tools.