airsoft assault gun rifle movie replica toy gun hot new!(Airsoft Gun)

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BRAND NEW - AirSoft Assault Rifle : machine gun toy replica. WOW!

A must-have for all Paint Ball Players!
A Great Model for hobby, collection, or gift.

Item Description: A cool sturdy construction Machine / Folding Style airsoft toy that is so low cost you can't go wrong! Hurry before we run out of this HOT item.

Powerful spring action

If you are a paint ball player you know the problems that come with losing your air power, this Assault Rifle uses no compressed air to operate. So you will always have a reliable back up to keep from losing the fight!

Also, Great resell opportunity at flea markets, online auctions, and any other outlet that you have!!

Included Features and Accessories:
Permanent Safety Orange TIP!
Extras - a small packet of starter plastics so you can use this airsoft right out of the box!
* safety glasses, carry strap, laser sight and clip all included.

This is a toy model replica, It cannot be made to fire any real ammunition. It makes a great movie prop or collectable model replica.