400w Compact Metal Case FOG MACHINE + Wireless Remote !

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BRAND NEW - 400 Watt Compact Metal-Case FOG MACHINE!

Ideal for bringing the excitement of "Smoke" into any of your gigs, presentations or displays.
The most unique feature of this Compact Fog/Smoke machine is the Wireless Keychain Remote controller! The size of a typical key fob, this small keychain controller lets you control the unit from up to 50 - 75 feet away! Plenty of room to operate from a stage or secretly from a hidden location.

This unit take a couple minutes to warm up. You cannot use the controller until the unit is warm! There is a red light on the remote receiver which plugs into the back of the machine. Once this light comes on, you are ready to fire off the smoke.

Does NOT include Fog Juice/ Fluid. You will need to supply your own. We are working on a supplier for the juice.

Here are some tech specs:
Heater power: 400watt
Preheat time: <5 minutes
Fog Output: 2000cfm!
Tank capacity: 0.25 liter.
Dimensions: 9 x 4.5 x 5" inches.

Brand new! Tons of fuN!