1" Inch Electric Rotary Hammer Drill with Bits and Case - New!

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BRAND NEW - Electric HAMMER DRILL with 1" inch CHUCK!

A hammer drill, also known as a "rotary hammer" or "roto-hammer" This rotary hammer drill is a rotary drill with a hammering action. The hammering action provides a short, rapid hammer thrust to pulverize relatively brittle material and provide quicker drilling with less effort. Lower power units are usually titled as "hammer drills." Higher power units, usually labeled "rotary hammers," tend to be larger and provide bigger impact forces. This drill allows the hammer and rotation functions to be used separately or in combination, i.e., hammer mode, drill mode, or both. When used in the hammer mode, the tool provides a drilling function similar to a jackhammer.

This Hammer Drill is well suited for drilling holes in masonry or stone. It can also used to drill holes in concrete footings to pin concrete wall forms and to drill holes in concrete floors to pin wall framing. The hammering action helps to break up the masonry so that it can be removed by the drill bit's flutes.

All of these extras and features are included with this drill:
Adjustable side assist handle
Depth gauge
Dust Cover
2 Drill Bits
Pointed Bit
Chuck Adaptor
Chuck Key
grease for lubricating
Plastic Case

Here are some specs on this model:
110 Volts
60 HZ
520 Watts
Turns at 920 RPM No Load
Produces 3150 impacts per minute