Damascus Steel Kiridashi -Japanese Utility Knife Leather Sheath Custom Handmade

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Damascus Steel Kiridashi - Japanese Style Utility Knife, with Real Rosewood Handle and a Thick, Genuine Leather Sheath.

Product Details:

Overall Length - 6.5"
Blade Length - 2.1"
Blade Thickness - 1/8"
Handle Length - 3" (plus 1" Tail with Lanyard Hole)
Handle Width - 1.2"
Knife Weight - 0.2 lbs.
Sheath Weight - 0.2 lbs
Steel Type - Damascus Carbon Steel, 15N20 + 1095
Handle Material - Man Made
Sheath Material - Genuine Cowhide Leather

Product Description:

Kiridashi is a traditional Japanese "utility" knife, with uses in Garage, around the House as well as in the Kitchen. The knife is also an amazing Hunting or a Survival Blade.

The Blade has Damascus Steel Back end and Smooth Steel Front of the knife. It is 1/8" thick, but since it is hand forged, its thickness may vary at some points.
The Man made handle is functional and attractive.
The Genuine Leather Sheath is 1/8" Thick! It looks, feels and smells AMAZING!

Product Maintenance:

This Blade is made of 15N20 + 1095 Damascus Steel. It is not same as the standard Stainless Steel. It requires a little different maintenance. Do not leave it in water for prolonged periods of time. Do not clean it in the Dishwasher. Hand clean with Soap and Water, dry well and (recommended) apply a small amount of oil or lubricant to the surface. This will ensure longevity and great appearance of the knife. However if some surface discoloration/rust appears, it is best to clean it with WD40 or a similar product.

Hope you enjoy this Awesome Blade.