Retractable Dog Pet Leash Up to 110 lbs 26' Feet Rope Lead Heavy Duty

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Retractable Dog Pet Leash Heavy Duty Holds Up to 110 lbs. Long 26' Rope Lead 


- Support dogs up to 110 pounds
- Retractable dog leash extends up to 26 feet
- Easy to grip and walk or run with your pet dog
- Comfort grip handle
- Rope Leash

The classic style Retractable Dog Leash helps keep your dog safe while allowing them 26' feet to roam by your side. This adjustable leash comes equipped with a clip-in closure for convenient attachment to your pet’s collar. It has a retractable device with a comfort-grip handle that lets you extend the length of the cord, so your pet can explore and sniff things with greater freedom. You can pull back the length with the easy-to-use button when needed.