MICROSCOPE 32pc DELUXE SCIENCE KIT 100x600x1000 Complete Biology Science Set

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All the Goodies you will need to start your MICRO BIOLOGY studies!
Kids love this set and it makes a fantastic gift!

Lighting System - Electrical
Eyepiece - 10x
Object: 10x, 60x, 100x
Power: 100x, 600x, 1000x

What's Included:
- Telescope with 100x - 600x - 1000x zoom!
- 1x Name Card
- 1x Note Pad
- 1x Scalpel Knife
- 1x Muddler - stir stick
- 1x Spatula
- 1x Tweezers
- 10x Blank and Prepared Slides
- 2x Exemplar
- 5x Cover Slides
- 5x Blank Labels
- 1x Gum Media
- 1x Sea Salt
- 1x Graduated Flask
- 1x Shrimp Hatchery Kit

Comes with all these DELUXE FEATURES to start your experiments off right!
DELUXE set for any child or adult!

* adult supervision is highly recommended for children under 8 years old.